Urgent help needed!

  1. Tonight I was going to pay a seller through Paypal but it keeps on giving me error messages that they can't send the payment because they need to verify my card - well, yesterday I sent a payment to my BF and everything worked fine.
    Can I add my BF's credit card details to my Paypal account? How long will it take for it to work? I'm sooo nervous because I want to pay and I can't:cursing:
  2. Did anything change with your credit card? When mine expired and I got a new one it said I had to verify it...
  3. Was the page that said it needed to verify it secure? (ie, have https, or the padlock icon at the bottom?) Just incase it was some bogus page the seller managed to link his/her listing to. In that case I wouldn't suggest usng your bf's cc, but it could of course be some other reason like what drdeawisc said..or a random error. Paypal/eBay once wasn't letting me pay a seller for a similar reason and it turned out it was a problem with paypal/eBay which they sorted out in a few days. Contact the LiveSupport for more help!
  4. Well it wasn't working last week so I had to take it back to the bank to get it replaced, but it should work online anyway...or I thought so!
    I'm getting mad about it! What if I ask my BF to transfer the amount to my Paypal account and pay her from my Paypal account and not by credit card? Is it possible?
    What do you suggest? I think the better thing is to contact the seller and tell her about the situation and ask her if she could wait some other days until I get my CC back
  5. Did you call & activate the credit card?
  6. call paypal and ask them if their is a problem on their end...
  7. I don't have to call to activate the credit card, once the bag gives it to you it's ready to be used
  8. I understood why Paypal wouldn't allow me to pay: my bank blocked my credit card and didn't ask VISA to reissue it! I was quite angry, they simply had to replace it and give me another one with the same number. Well not, the employee blocked it! And never gave VISA the order to issue another one for me.
    So today i was given another pre-paid credit card and it will take about 15-20 days to have my regular credit card. I contacted the seller and she's so kind she'll wait for the payment
  9. ^^ glad that it's all sorted out now.