Urgent help needed

  1. I am praying that someone out there can help me!

    We are going to Venice on Thursday and booked a hotel through hotel booking agent. Looking on the map, it was based centrally on Venice Island.

    It transpired it is some 40km away and they are doing nothing to help. They are even charging us for the first night after we cancelled as they say the hotel provided the map of the location

    That aside I need help providing accomodation. EVERYWHERE is booked as it the festival of senza. Can anyone think of anywhere - B&B, Hotel, pensione

    Please - any help appreciated.

  2. I'm not familiar with that area at all--sorry :sad:

    Hopefully someone else can help!
  3. Sorry, can't help - but perhaps you could ask one of the mods to change your title to something like "Urgent help needed - re accommodation in Venice"
  4. Sorry this has happen to you, have you looked on www.lastminute.com or www.opedo.com they might be able to help
  5. Have you checked hotels in Padua or Mestre? You can take a train to Venice from there. I doubt you will find anything in Venice at this late date.
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions

    Do you know long it would take to get into venice from mestre?

    Many thanks
  7. ^I could be wrong but I seem to remember the stop right before Venice was Mestre, called Venice Mestre? If that's the place it takes less than 10 minutes, you can actually see Venice from that stop as it's just water between the two.

    Edited to add: this is the hotel we stayed at 3 years ago in Venice. It was reasonably priced with a good location - within 10-15 min. walking distance to all the major sites. Not sure if they still have vacancy.

  8. I'd also call your credit card co and tell them to cancel any charges for that hotel.
  9. Thanks ladies (and charles!) so much!!

    I have found somewhere - a last minute booking near rialto bridge and st marks square!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    So its bon voyage- thanks again!!:heart: