Urgent Help Needed.

  1. Hello ladies...

    Urgent help needed!

    Does anyone have this bag? I want to buy it for a friend cos the site I have been eyeing it off has gotten more stock. And I want to order it asap. Any colour will do. I would like to see pics cos I want to get a better indication of what it looks like. Modelling pics would be great! It is approx 8.5'' by 4'' by 1.5''.

    silver sparkle bag.JPG
  2. In the woodbury outlet they have the same style but different material. There is black leather with a weasul fur flower on it or a white leather with a purple weasul fur flower. They are $582.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm currently eyeing the one on Jomashop for $322 USD. I'm in Australia so I am very limited in choice (no fendi in Melbourne). I think I mgiht get it. Thanks!