Urgent help needed...violet or sienna/tabac, need to decide asap...!

  1. Ok here it goes I am "allowed" to choose" between the following:

    violet DAY RH
    violet DAY SGH
    sienna/tabac DAY RH
    sienna/tabac DAY SGH

    .......... I need to decide before tomorrow :sweatdrop: so tell me what you think.
    I am more a neutral color girl but think the violet day is really stunning
    -...but also love the rich sienna tone hmmm
    -...and will the SGH be too much on the sienna?

    I love it on the violet but is it wearable...?

    Please girls help me. Personally I would have preferred a work or PT in these but it's a gift so I can't be difficult :shame:
  2. ooh congrats! VIOLET DAY WITH SGH!!!! it's so gorgeous in this combo! violet is actually a great neutral. perfect for winter.
  3. violet day SGH!!!!
  4. what a nice gift. i love sienna too but i would definitely go for violet. the most sought-after color of the year. go for the hardwares that suits you best.
  5. I like sienna more than violet, but with SGH violet gets my vote :tup:
  6. I don't like SGH with Sienna, but love it with violet. Love and have both colors. I don't like the mud-brownish variation of Sienna but adore the chestnut-red version. If you don't know how the Sienna would look, I'd choose violet. I prefer the rh because with SGH it's so in your face that if you're a neutral girl, it might be too much (but it's great to look at, sigh). HTH!
  7. VIOLET WITH SGH!! I've no problems matching my violet with my clothes (neutrals, brights, blacks). Get the violet! Sienna's a gorgeous brown, but Bal does brown every year.
  8. i vote for the violet day with GSH!!
  9. This is a really hard decision. mmmh, ok if i have to pick one i'd say violet (i've been in love with the violet for months) RH. But sienna is gorgeous too. So everything you're going to choose, i'm sure you'll receive a beauty! congrats
  10. violet day rh! violet is one of those brigher colors that can work as a neutral...but the extra pop of color is all that is needed for u esp. if u are a neutral kind of person... although I have seen this day violet w/GSH and it was gorgeous too! I think violet is a color that one won't tire of as easily in the long haul as sienna, as gorgeous as it is.
  11. i vote for violet DAY SGH
  12. Sienna with Gold hardware.:tup:
  13. I think you should get the violet SGH day! I know you have been craving GH and I think the violet day with SGH is simply amazing!!!
  14. Sienna all the way:tup:

    I don't like the GH(both SGH and GGH) in Violet but I like SGH with Sienna. If you're are a true neutral girl, I think you'd use the Sienna more...

    Here's my RH Work to push you over the edge...:graucho:

  15. And just to push you even further, here's my sienna day with rh, which gets my vote.....