urgent help needed please

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  1. mods if this should be in authenticate this then i'm sorry and please move it. thanks!

    i sold a pair of cl boots that i bought on ebay recently. i had posted them in the authenticate this thread before i bought them and got the thumbs up. i wore them twice, had the heel tips replaced and the soles refurbished with vibram soles and then sold them. the buyer is now saying she thinks they are fake. she said that none of her shoes have a removable liner inside and they should say paris on the bottom.

    this is my auction:

    i can link to the original (i think) if i need to. can someone or someones please help me and advise me if these are in fact fake. thanks!
  2. oh oops i see the buyer posted on the authenticate this thread so hopefully she and i can get our answers there. phew. sorry!
  3. What does she mean by "removable"?? As in, the come off?
    There are insoles without the word Paris on them and they are authentic. :yes:
  4. well, i think they're not one piece on the inside. the part that says "christian louboutin" is like a smaller panel which i assumed was because it was padded or had soemthing underneath but i don't know. she posted the picture i took of the inside where you can see what i mean
  5. I'm sorry, I don't know much about boots/booties.

    I know that the shoes are being made in different factories now so that could be the reason why it says ITALY instead of PARIS. If it sounds like this buyer might be a PITA, just let her withdraw her bid.
  6. she bought them and has them. i shipped them last week.