URGENT help needed for my first !Birkin pls!

  1. My SA called me this morning, earlier than I expexted, and told me that a Clemence black Birkin w/GHW has arrived. I had ordered either a togo or a clemence and my heart was more in togo as it seems a bit more rigid. She told me that the clemence gets more slouchy than the togo. Could you expert ladies please let me know what the difference is, which one you prefer, how slouchy they get etc. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! This is my first Birkin and I am at the very begining of my education!
  2. The clemence will get a bit more slouchy than the togo, but it has a nicer, softer "feel" IMO. Keep in mind tough, it also might be a "tad" more heavy.
  3. I definitely believe that you should at least go look at the bag. Feel it, hold it, see how it "hits" you. I have found that often when I have chosen a bag based on the "specs", the actual bag itself when it finally arrives isn't always exactly what I had envisioned. It's odd, but with Hermes, I think because each piece is handmade--and the leather's character plays such a big part in the overall look of the bag as well--every single bag has its own unique identity. This is even true of "twins"...if you hold up two bags that are identical on paper, ie, same size, style, color, leather, hardware color, and year, you will see a difference between them. Often it's a very, very subtle difference, but it's there if you look. For this reason, I find it really important to see the bag in person whenever possible.

    So, I said all that to say...you may be leaning toward Togo in concept, but if you see the bag in Clemence, you may just fall in love! If not, no harm done, and you will be that much more sure of your decision when the Togo bag arrives.

    edited to add that overall I feel that Togo and Clemence have a lot of similarities. The general size of the graining is pretty similar, though as mentioned Clemence is slouchier and softer. Togo has almost a hard surface feel to it, until it's broken in. It really depends on whether you want to lean toward a more structured or less structured look. Don't forget to consider how you will wear your Birkin, also; whether you wear it open or closed can make a good bit of difference in the appearance of slouchiness.

    And also, congrats! Maybe!
  4. Black Birkin with GH is hard to come by and one of the most wanted colors and hard to get. I say see the bag in person and follow your heart. The chance to fall in love probaby greater lol, then keep the bag if your heart tell you so. I am not sure how long will you wait for the Togo leather if you pass this one.

    Clemence leather is heavier but softer and more slouchier (sp) than Togo. I have Kelly 32 cm in Clemence and I love the way the leather look and feel. But if your Birkin size is 30 cm, I don't think the weight is heavy compared to 35 cm.
    Good luck and let us know your decision.
  5. I agree that you should try the bag on. You'd never know - you might just fall in love with it. However, if you don't love love love it, then don't get it. You should wait for what makes your heart sing.
  6. I have seen Clemence grains that look like Togo's and vice versa. This phyical aspect should not matter unless you're someone who is particular about the "look" of the grained leather. Togo grains are typically more pronounced ... raised. And Clemence flatter and bigger. But like I said outright, there are variation to the size of grains.

    What is important in my decision making is ... whether I like my Birkin to have batwings or not. Honestly speaking, both Clemence and Togo will slouch over time, Clemence more than Togo. And the size of the birkin also makes a difference. i.e. more slouch in the 35cm compared to the 30c cm.

    You mentioned that you like your Birkin more rigid. Then Togo would be a better choice. That said, it will still slouch. Not that the bottom, the sides (batwings). I have a 30cm Gold Togo, and the sides always open up. If I want a neat look, I have to secure the straps around the turnkey.
  7. ^ooooh, thank you so very much for the very informative response. I did actually go see the bag at lunchtime (the boutique is 5 min.s from my office!) and really liked it. I love it as it is now, my only worry is if it gets too slouchy. It's such a beauty though, all those little details and the workmanship...
  8. Oh so true.
  9. Btw, it's a 35.
  10. I'm not sure if your SA would share the information with you, but perhaps you want to try to find out from your SA, if there is a 35cm Black Togo GHW in the store's order book? And if yes, are you willing to wait and if you can pass on this and be waitlisted on the Togo?

    This bit of information might be able to swing the decision for you.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  11. go pick that sucker up!
  12. Oh my God! I think I am having palpitations because I believe I may end up buying this. The reason for the palpitations is first and foremost I am 37 and have always wanted a Birkin. If this happens, it will be a very big thing for me. Second, I have never spent that much on a bag or no other movable item for that matter! Has any of you ever regretted forking out that much on a bag?
  13. LOL, guccigal! Ebruo, not an ounce of regret if the bag is exactly what I've wanted. Get it...
  14. Then think no further, go get it! Don't think too much. DIVE! :okay:
  15. Just get it!