Urgent! Help me out

  1. Hi,
    That's a continuous chat to the thread I started in Hermes shopping


    I'm starting a new thread because I need your help - HERE

    I've placed my order for birkin bag yesterday...
    Bag : birkin
    Color : BJ
    Leather : Togo
    Size : 30 cm !

    from the day I put the order ,,, everyone around me told me u have to get a 35 cm birkin ,,,, it's better !
    & they know that I always wear W:35++ cm bags
    All the time my BV sloane bag is 35 cm , my balanciga city bag is 39 cm ,,, & those bags I wear them every day !
    So, I think I'm changing my mind for 35 cm ....
    I called the SA & ask her to change the order she said .. she have to see if that’s possible or not & then she will come back to me

    did I make the right choice ? :girlsigh:

    ( Note : I'm 156 cm tall , I don't mind big bags as long as it looks good on me , I'll use the bag for shopping , going out with friends coffee-shops & resturants ,BUT not for work )
  2. Your SA should definitely be able to change your order if you just put it in yesterday. I have a 30 cm Birkin, it is a small bag so if you are used to bigger bags, the 35 m sounds right.
  3. I am about the same height as you (158cm) and always thought that my Birkin should be 35cm. BUT, after I got my HAC (32cm in fuschia), I feel that 35cm Birkin would have been too big for me (esp. in a bright color). If you were going for a black/chocolate/maroon/etc., I would have suggested a bigger size (35cm) but I think BJ would be just fine in 30cm. That's just my opinion, of course.
  4. Do you prefer more of a handbag or more of a tote?

    The 30 cm "feels" slightly smaller than a Balenciaga city to me for some reason...more like a twiggy or box...

    The birkin "seems" more like a Balenciaga city/work in terms of overall proportions (but is much heavier, of course)...

    I carried Balenciaga city bags for a time...I prefer the Birkin in 35 cm...but it is more "small tote" style than handbag (or large handbag as opposed to purse)...

    I would suggest that you create a "mock up" for each handbag...take a large sheet of paper or tape a few sheets together...sketch out the basic dimensions of the 30 and 35 cm birkins (you can get the dimensions from eBay listings)...and look at yourself in the mirror...which "look" do you prefer???
  5. 30 is good as you stated you not using it for work. Mainly for shopping and going out.

    35 for me is for work as it fits the A4 size paper perfectly.

    I am 155cm and 43kg and the 35 is too large for me. I prefer the 30 or 25 on me. And yes, brighter colors look better on smaller size bags, not as overwhelming.

    just my 2 cents... hth!
  6. I have both...and love both. I think it depends on the color.
  7. Mira, to be really honest, the choice of size is not an easy one. I still find myself flippant at times when presented with a 35cm before me. But I know a 30cm suits me better as a 35cm can very overwelming.

    I love big bags. That's why one of my earliest H bags is a 42cm JPG shoulder birkin. The downside, is that it's very heavy. But it's to be expected. Birkins are 100% leather. So this didn't come as a rude shock or anything.

    The sizes I would choose for all other brand bags like Tods, I would not choose for Hermes bags. Hermes bags are heavy and it's a factor that you cannot ignore. If you think you can deal with it, great. If you think you can't, then re-think.

    I am 5'4" and proportionately, 30cm is the size for me. But I find myself over-stuffing my 30cm birkins to the brim, and that attracted my manager to recommend me the 35cm. I tried one, and had a hard time deciding whether or not to give it another shot. At first, I said "Yes" to the 35cm. But the decision made me so uncomfortable. And days after that, I went back to her and said, "No. 30cm suits me just fine"

    My manager told me before that the 35cm has more oomph factor. I have to agree with her. It's just not for me.

    And you know what, the sad truth is, you really need to own one to know if it's for you or not. No amount of rationalising is good enough, until you actually own one and try it for yourself.

    All the best.
  8. hi--congratulations: either way you are fine --as mrssparkles said with the 35 there is more oomph. that being said i dont perosnally go for the 35's in bright colors.......i think the 30 is ideal for "special" colors and leathers..................either one you will be thrilled with
  9. Mira.. i recommend 30cm as well.. its different with other bags.. u cant compare a birkin to balenciaga cause the height of a birkin is different and it makes alot of different imo.
  10. Mira, have you tried or considered the HAC 32?

    I, too, find the 30 just a little on the small side but love the 32. I can carry both with ease but there is just enough difference in these two sizes to make the 32 feel just right.
  11. I have a 30 and 35 and I think that you will be fine with both. I am 5'8" and both bags work well with height. You might enjoy having a smaller bag, especially if you are not used to hand carried bags as opposed to shoulder bags
  12. I really think that in Blue Jean the 30 is the prettier bag.
    "Everybody" will always tell you to do the opposite to what you decided, it's funny though that "Everybody" is pretty quiet before you make the deision. It's the nature of "Everybody's" opinion.
  13. If you are used to and like larger bags, change your order to 35cm.

  14. :yes:
  15. :confused1::sad::sweatdrop:
    what's wrong with me !!!!
    is that normal ?
    I can't make up my mind ?