urgent!! help me decide...

  1. i've been looking for a medium cotton club tote in silver. i called chanel 1800 and they told me there is one left in blue in the country. the lady from the boutique that has the blue just called me about it. the thing is... i'm not sure if i absolutely want the blue!

    i want a light colored bag for spring summer... do you think the blue would be good for this?

    i'm worried about wearing it with black and having it look weird... can you mix blue with black?

    i'm worried about wearing it with jeans and just having too much blue.

    please help me decide! i told her i would call her back today and let her know.
  2. I don't think you should worry about a blue tote looking weird with jeans or with a black bag....BUT if you want a LIGHT colored bag, this blue might be too dark for you. I think the blue is a medium hue.
  3. i think the blue looks great with black, but blue bag + blue jeans may be a little bit too much blue for me. I think the silver is probably a more versatile colour, from the pics ive seen of both?
    If you don't take versatility into account, i prefer the colour of the blue, but if u wear jeans often then i think u should go with the silver. And you wanted silver in the 1st place didnt u? :yes:
  4. I say go for it!!
  5. yea but it's just impossible to find the silver! so should i settle for blue or set my sights on another bag?
  6. Have you seen the bag in blue? Don't get it because it's available. If you cannot find the exact one you want, then wait for another bag to tickle your fancy!
  7. if you have to ask us, then your heart may not be 100% on the blue.

    I personally :heart: the blue vs. the silver but that's just b/c I'm not into light colored bags.

    If you had your heart set on silver, then maybe you'll get lucky if someone returns it??
  8. I think you you shouldn't get just because it is available in this color. If you want a lighter colored bag then this is not a good choice but blue looks great with jeans i think-very sporty chic!!!
  9. thanks for all of your opinions! i've decided against getting it because it's not exactly what i want. also, i can only afford one bag every 6 months or so and spending this much on something that is not perfect is just difficult for me.

    so... if anyone wants the medium cotton club tote in blue, call chanel at wynn las vegas. it's the last one in the usa!
  10. you will like another one soon. thanks for the info.
  11. I dont realli like the blue color ! cuz its more like dark ocean blue! weird looking color! I like silver and black better!
  12. I saw the blue color and I don't like it either.. I like the silver one but they're sold out already here in Hong Kong too.
  13. You can get it and decide if you'll keep it when you see it in person.