Urgent help from anyone going to the new nyc store

  1. Just phoned the store and was told they have couple of 34 lindy. And I am dying to snap one of them. But the SA wouldn't tell me anymore details unless I go to the store. My mom can't make it to the store tomorrow and for me to take a bus from boston to nyc is just no fun. :crybaby:So anyone going to the store tom, could you be nice enough to provide me some more info on exactly wut color and leather of all the 34 lindy they have in stock? I can ask my mom to get it next week hopefully if it's not sold out yet. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I think the previous post about the NYC store has the Lindy colors listed.
  3. Here you go:

    Originally Posted by uwsgirl2004 [​IMG]
    I am going. It's very convenient for me since I live in that building.

    Last night, I saw 2 of the Large Lindys... one in that Rose Dragee and one in Taupe... and there is that Orange Kelly (28) in Ostrich.
  4. I have a feeling they have more in the back. If anyone can tell me both the color and leather, it'll be great! I personally prefer swift. Thanks!
  5. I went today, and although I still haven't memorized the different leathers, there was a largeish Lindy in what looked like Etoupe or Taupe, in a pebbled leather that was probably clemence. That is the only one i saw though...

    Hope that helps...:tup:
  6. Ummm, that was a 30 in gold and its gone...Ummmm.....
    But they still have the Rose Dragee 34 and the Graphite Clemence 34, and in the back some Turquoise, Brighton Blue, and BJ and maybe black...but me? I know nothing....:ninja:
  7. where did the 30 gold go to? lol.
  8. I know nutting...I did not doooo iiiiittttt...

    You know I have this friend and she blah blah blah....

    Anyways lets just say I inaugurated the opening properly

    Hey Ling, jump on a fungwa bus and make the trip...oh so worth it
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. What did you do Olive :graucho: spill it guirl!
  11. SPILL IT!!! :nuts:

  12. haha, i did, last weekend, on the lucky star bus, which broke down in the mid of the trip. If this happened on my way to my lindy hunting trip, i'd have a nerve break down.

    wow, so many colors.....so tempting......there brings another q, which color would u get for a lindy?
  13. Ok, here goes nothing...
    30 Clemence in Gold and Palladium hardware, oh so soft oh so sweet smelling....oh so convenient

    I was completely set on a brown box medor clutch with GHW but then came to my senses, live in jeans and have a 15 month old DD, no medor for me.

    I am a big fan of nuetrals so went with the gold plus it seems Lindys look nice in light colors as it really brings out the bag's unique construction

    And the smell oh the smell, there's no other leather that smells so good
  14. Sounds absolutely gorgeous!
  15. Let's just say that the BJ is no more...:ninja: