Urgent help!! Flat Clutch which col??

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Which flat clutch?

  1. Black with SGH

  2. Castanga (Dark brown) with GGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which one??

    I have reserved:

    1) Castanga brown with GGH
    2) Black with SGH

    Ahhh!! The deadline is tomorrow noon! Help me out!!!
  2. I think black with GSH would be very classic, but the Castagna with GGH would also be quite stunning. Which do you think would fit better in your wardrobe?
  3. i voted for black gsh..i am not a fan of castagna:sad:
  4. I voted for black as I'm not a big fan of Castagna. Though to be honest I would prefer the black with GGH ;)
  5. I voted for Castagna with GGH, simply because I'm very into GGH these days:graucho: But I agree with Livia, a black with GGH would be my first choice...

    Anyway, you need to figure out what color will go best with your wardrobe and go for that color!
  6. ahhh... this is so difficult. I love GGH!! but i am not a fan of it on Brown.... black with silver is nice but... it just doesnt catch that much attention...

    still pondering.... but thanks so far for the advice :smile:
  7. I voted for Castagna GGH! I love this combo! Black SGH is classic beauty and you can always buy Black SGH but not Castagna!
  8. black
  9. Hi all!! After comparing for almost an hour, i went for Black SGH! i think it suits me better! Will put up pics soon!! :smile:
  10. ^ Congrats! I think you made a great choice. I love black with GSH.
  11. Yeey, let's see pictures!
  12. Black with GSH
  13. black with SGH would have been my choice too, post pictures!!