Urgent - help and advice needed!

  1. Hello lovely ladies,

    I am eyeing 2 pairs of lovely Via Spiga boots on eBay, size 6. They look fine, the only problem is that I have bunions on both feet. The toes of the shoes are squared, which makes them better, but do Via Spiga boots run true to size? They are also strech boots, which help my case a bit. However I just wanted to be 10000% sure before buying them. Anyone else have them, and do you have perfect narrow feet or wide ones? I'd really appreciate some advice! Thanks! :smile:
  2. Can't help too much, BUT, I generally find that it's only the top tier designers (CL, Manolo, etc.) that usually requires sizing up
  3. Via Spiga run true to size, but I have very narrow feet ... and they fit me perfectly.

    I think the stretch may help, but I would head over to the mall and try another pair on before purchasing them online.
  4. I've only tried on Via Spiga at Bloomingdale's, but never bought. I have narrow feet also and they seem to run true to size.
  5. I got bunions on my right so I am tend to be to the wider side...
    I have a couple of Via Spiga but I have to say some of the style runs inconsistently..

    Safer perhaps to get 1/2 size bigger if you can..
  6. i find them true to size...and i've bought several pairs in the past. my feet are medium to a bit wide.
  7. my feet are from med-wide but via spiga's fit tts
  8. I already bought 2 pairs and they're gorgeous and fit great! :drool: