Urgent...gst Owner Please Advice...

  1. pictures :confused1: :
    DSC01353.JPG DSC01354.JPG DSC01357.JPG
  2. :sad:
    Dear friends, those are the pictures of my new gst..i havent use it at all, but since i read a lot of chain broken problem and i go checked my gst until i found the chain that link to the strap have lose and not tight..can anyone please advice me, are those normal or i get the defect gst ???
  3. I just checked my GST for you and mine has those spaces, but not as large. You may want to take it back to the boutique and exchange it for another. The spaces on mine are about as far apart as your first photo, perhaps just a bit smaller.
  4. Wow just what is going on with Chanel's quality these days!!!
  5. I'm curious now if that is normal for the GST/PST.
  6. wow!I thought that I was hallucinating :wtf:I thought the same thing and I looked at 4 bags to choose the best one...
    Sorry to say,but bags "made in Italy" have not good quality lately...:tdown:
  7. thxs for the replies....

    i will take back to the boutique soon...since my country doenst have any chanel boutique :sad:
  8. ahh so sorry.
    Mine doesnt look like that at all, completely closed up and secure :smile:
  9. my PST has the same thing
  10. my gst is completley closed up as well....

    definitely go return your bag and get a perfect one... for the price i paid for the gst, i wouldnt be happy unless it was perfect.

    i hope you end up with a perfect one that you're happy with!!!!
  11. my pst has the same thing
  12. How long have u been using the bag since your PST have the same thing...does it hold up well? do u usually carry heavy stuff....?
  13. Have u ever face any problem? coz i wondering can i use GST until i fix it since i dont have any chanel boutique in my country? :confused1:
    i havent use it at all since i received my GST...:crybaby:
  14. :sad:
  15. Thx for the reply guys ....i wish i can exchange my GST...:sad: