Urgent - Dior Wallets

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  1. Hello,
    I am new to this Dior forum. I did a search here but couldn't find any info.

    I need to buy a Dior Wallet for a guy, but couldn't find any catalogs online or elsewhere... (eluxury.com has very limited Dior Homme accessories)

    There are no Dior stores close-by without driving 4 hours from where I live, I am just going to either order online or place a phone order with Dior / Saks/ Neiman Marcus/ Bloomingdales / Barneys , etc.

    Thanks !
    Any help would be much appreciated!!!!:heart:
  2. the best i could come up with are these two:

    1. luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping online
    the luisa via roma website which offers a grand total of 3 dior homme wallets (although there are other menswear items to choose from)

    2. DIOR official website ­ DIOR HOMME
    the dior homme website itself. when the pop-up loades, click on "dior homme" by the top left hand corner, then click on lines, then click on dior classic. click on the tiny individual squares by the bottom right hand corner for a selection. as far as i can see, there's a couple of wallets and some cardholders. along with other equally great gifts like key rings, pouches, cellphone case, ipod case, etc.
    also if you click on "dior digital", it throws up a pretty decent selection of accessories for the ipod and digital cameras. (i think the ipod case with the card holder is pretty nifty!)

    i hope that helps to some extent.
  3. Thank you very much ! I wasn't able to locate that particular wallet, but at least I got the phone numbers from the official Web and called a few stores to locate it. Thanks alot!
  4. There is a Dior Homme Store in the Wynn Hotel in Vegas. Might want to call that store to do your search. Good Luck.