Urgent....dimensions of standard quilted Bay bag please?

  1. I have just ordered the bag in the attachments from Luisaviaroma and she said that it was 30 cm wide and 16cm high. Hmmm...that's TINY and this bag doesn't look so small! She quoted the correct item number (I ordered by phone)...

    this seems to be the standard quilted Bay....dimensions please? The Price is 1195 euros...is this the standard Bay? pics lvr.

    The info is not in the reference thread...I've looked.(yummy thread though!)

    Thanks a bunch!!
    Black Bay Front.jpg Black Bay back.jpg Black Bay side.jpg
  2. My regular quilted bay looks like the one pictured but is about 35cm wide, 25cm high + handles so those measures do sound a bit tiny to me too..? But I think the price was something like that :idea:
  3. Thank you Sonja!! Hope I'm getting the one you have :smile:.Otherwise it would be false advertising to put that pic there,right? I may just call them tomorrow to confirm.
  4. They propably just gave wrong measurements but it might be good idea to check it with them :yes:
  5. Thanks hun...I've emailed them but will follow up with a phone call. i see they have posted the exact same dimensions with the much tinier metallic Bay they have for sale,so I'm sure it's just an lvr-ism;). But I don't want to have to return bags so I'm calling in the morning :smile:.
  6. My bag has been shipped!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!:yahoo:

    She's confirmed the measurements are as you state and updated the website,so thank you!!
  7. ^ :woohoo: CONGRATS!!!

    Remember to post pics :graucho:
  8. Aaah perfect, it will be there soon as LVR is so fast!!! Maybe tomorrow...? :graucho: