URGENT: Designer jean experts, please help! DEFECTIVE CHIP & PEPPER JEANS??!

  1. So I have a vast amount of designer jeans and have never encountered crappy workmanship until yesterday.

    I purchased my first pair of CHIP & PEPPER jeans yesterday. After putting it in the wash, I noticed that the LOGO PATCH in the upper-right waist area was falling off.

    The fabric logo patch is made to look frayed and whatnot, however, with that particular "look"...it is easy for the frayed edges to slip away from the stitching (and it sure did). A corner of the patch has come undone from the stitching. Is this common with C&P jeans?

    I'd like to exchange for another pair if I'm the only person experiencing this problem. However, if everyone else seems to have this problem as well with C&P jeans, I might as well keep this one. The mall is pretty far away and I MUST go TODAY if I decide to return it....my other days are pretty busy.

    So what do you guys think? Defective or common?
  2. I want to clarify that it's the logo patch thats above your back pocket. Most patches are leather and don't fray...this one is fabric and frayed so much that a corner section has come undone from the stitching.

    Anyone? :sad:
  3. I have a pair of Chip and Pepper's and haven't had this problem (yet). I went to look at them immediately after reading your post and I hadn't noticed the logo patch wasn't leather. I'm sure it won't be long until it frays so much that it comes undone. Good thing I got them on sale!

    The bad thing is, since that's how it's designed, I doubt they'll let you return them. Let us know what happens! Darn, I was so happy with my new pair and now I'm worried it'll come off hehehe.
  4. I am unfamiliar with C&P... BUT are you 100% positive they are real? Where did you buy them from?
  5. its common, ive been seeing alot of CP jeans (in outlets) that seem to be in that condition - alot of them were fraying and not secure looking. my friend bought a pair for $40 and within a few wears, that whitish/brown fabric back tag is unraveling off the jeans. so in the end she cut it off completely!
  6. so far i haven't had any problems with my c&p's. but i don't wear them all that often
  7. Omg. This never happened to my Chip & Pepper jeans before. Hearing this is a bit of a disappointment...I loved Chip & Pepper jeans, and now I love them a bit less. I like designer jeans that last, but I love/loved the Chip & Pepper brand.
  8. I have a pair of Chip & Pepper's & that has never happened to me. I've washed it a couple of times and they're still fine... ><

    Hope you're able to resolve this, because this doesn't sound like usual C&P quality.