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  1. Okay...most of you know my whiskey Edith dilemma (the black spot), and I have yet to speak to my SA to get a "final" resolution. Well, Bergdorf Goodman just called me to let me know they have ONE grey Edith available and it has MY name on it. They have a return policy (I explained to my SA what the situation is with RH on the other bag), but I have to let her know in the next couple of hours or it goes to someone else. Has anyone received or seen a grey? I don't like Roz's photos of it, but that usually doesn't mean anything. Help!
  2. Hmmm, how do you feel about purchasing the grey and returning if you don't like it? That way if you do you can just return the whiskey, that's assuming they will still let you!
  3. You can return the Whiskey, right? I'd punch the S/A with it in the head before returning it. As long as you can return the grey to BG, I'd snag it, since it's so rare!
  4. RH has not let me know if I can return the Whiskey...they have a "store credit" only policy, but they don't carry many bags. So I really don't want a store credit with them...it would be worthless since I can't actually shop there in person...too risky.
  5. that sucks ET! so what are you going to do about the spot? i think if you storm in there with a bit more aggressiveness they might end up being terrified and return your $$ :biggrin:! hehe i always get my boyfriend to do my dirty work for me cause he is pretty fearless when it comes to these things!

    and even if they have no retur policy...it is a DEFECTIVE item they should return ur $!! good luck and let me know what happens!
  6. I can't *storm* in per se, because I am in Oklahoma and they are in California! :lol: :evil: But they should offer to refund. I am going to call them again in a few minutes.
  7. Well, Roz's pictures are not always the most accurate colorwise. But regarding the RH and Whiskey incident - I'd go to the higher ups. It's absurd that they won't refund you when the bag is defective. The mark is obviously not natural leather differences. Ohhh..I'd be mad if they kept giving me the store credit song and dance.
  8. Do you love the Edith? Do you love the color grey? If so, inspect...
  9. If you love the grey- then go for it!
  10. Actually I haven't been loving the grey. But they called out of the blue...thought maybe it was a sign that I should give it a try. They have not called back yet. Meanwhile, my SA says I can get a discount OR return my other bag for a refund...
  11. Well, she just called me back. She says the grey is an elephant grey/true grey...no blue. I know I will be kicking myself for this, but I passed. I am just not sure about a grey back for me. It was funny to hear how her voice changed from all sweet and friendly to "okay, gotta go" as soon as I turned it down.
  12. I think you did the right thing ET.
  13. ET - I think you did the right thing. So far, the grey is the only color I haven't liked this bag in. And you WILL be able to find another Whiskey.
  14. In an odd twist of fate (or perhaps it is another (*sign*), about five minutes after I turned down the grey Edith, the doorbell rang and the FedEx guy handed me a box from Barneys...containing my new ink (Balenciaga) City!
  15. yay!