1. Hi,

    Just got a call from my SA Barbara from NM@ Troy, Michigan. She has one on hold under Melody, please call her within 10 minutes She has one on hand available, you will need and American Express or NM to complete a phone order. Let me know if you have any questions!

    It's gone now :smile: Yay for you!
  2. Got it paying.. as we speak. Thanks a lot..have been coveting them on eBay ..but afraid to buy..LOV YA:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. By the way, the SA reports that only the CLASSICS are receiving the price increases! Some consolation at least!:sweatdrop:
  4. YAY !!!!! Congraz.. I thought Barbara said the old customer took it..and I was horrified..coz i 'd rather ppl from tPF took it.

    So did you get it from Barbara ???

  5. Yes I did. She said it had someone else name on it, I thought that it was you...I got so excited I didn't see the end of your post where you said it was gone. She is ringing it now and will tell me if it goes through...I hope it does!:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: I am waiting by the phone. The Cabas bag is too easy to knock off, so eBay is out of the question on this one.
  6. just pm ed you

  7. congrats:yahoo:
  8. Thanks everyone and so thankful to you pink piano for the heads up. Just happened to see your new thread by accident! I was meant to be! They have been out of this bag at my Chanel and NM for a long time. The SA just called and it being shipped today! Can't wait to get my new baby! :yahoo: :yahoo: My other Chanel babies are also excited to hear about their new younger sister! :love: :love:

  9. i hate u.....i know someone was buying it cuz she wouldnt pick up the phone....

    i do hate u....
  10. lov2shop, BIG DEEP CONGRAZ !!!! I wanna see ur pics once you get it !!!

    crazybump: plz kindly remove her no. , becoz it's her temporary direct line, and may got cancelled if more ppl call. that's why i have it removed in the public thread
  11. So sorry! But these things never happen to me...I'm the one who usually watches the last one go out the door..on someone else's arm! Since I saw it by accident I think maybe it was meant to be...better go back to work now and make some money to pay for it!
  12. i was kidding.... lol

    pinkpiano, thank you very much! i wouldnt call that number again, i've already spoke with Barbara, and let my info. She is such a sweet lady!
  13. Thanks forletting me know Crazybump.. i really thought u were mad -_-... but yea, i got another of her Company direct line, but wont put it here. so if you want i can pm you. did you ask her to do a locator hunt for you??
  14. and yes, BARBARA is the sweetest.
  15. she has my number...i didnt know they could do locator hunt...