1. hey spy lovers!! i went to bloomies today and saw both the honey and spy!!! i have to say the chocolate looks so much prettier IRL! very rich!

    i had my eyes set on the honey but after seeing the chocolate, i cannot decide again...................and i need to make decision soon cuz the SAs holding both for me right now...

    i would love if you guys could share your opinion on either color...thanks so much for your help! im going to be a proud spy owner soon :yahoo: !!
  2. I definitely prefer the Choco to honey. It's scrumptious! But I always tend towards darker colors. But the Choco also has really nice bubbly chewy leather. Go for Choco!
  3. my vote goes for the choco too:love:
  4. Chocolate! Saw several Spy bags in various colors at Bloomies recently and the chocolate was my favorite.
  5. Chocolate
  6. Definitely prefer chocolate spies over honey spies...
  7. CHOCOLATE :wlae::wlae:
  8. I guess I'm in the minority... I'd prefer the Honey.
  9. Def Choco..I have one and I adore mine!!!:love: :love:
  10. BOTH!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: The colors are so very different! Honey is more summery and Chocolate is so divine! I guess if I had to pick only one though, it'd be chocolate.... :tender:

    or maybe it'd be honey.... :girlsigh:
  11. Honey
  12. choco!
  13. Chocolate!
  14. thanks guys!! it seems like most ppl like the choco!!

    discobunniiee i love the honey a lot too so you're not the only one...

    maybe the answer is both? ahhahaha...i'll let you guys know! thanks for the help!
  15. def CHOCO! it's gorgeous IRL. and goes with everything.
    i have it and i love it! Goodluck choosing;)