Urgent--> chloe's messenger bag

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  1. [​IMG]What do you think? It's a chloe's messenger bag. I have it on hold with bluefly.. Do you think it's worthwhile getting it? Thanks
  2. It's beautiful! How much is it? I love the color!!!
  3. It's $1228 + tax. but i'll have to add another 500 dollars on top of it if i have it shipped to canada.. :sad:
  4. It's a really nice bag, but I wouldn't pay that much for it. I'd wait for something better to come out
  5. omgoodness, i love it! I've never seen it in that color. Oohhh so prettyyyy~
  6. How can it be extra 500 if you want it shipped to Canada? :sad:
  7. apparently i have to pay 60+ for shipping and 400+ for custom!!
  8. It's beautiful, I really want one but its hard to find places that will ship to Aus. And let's not mention the greedy customs.:mad:
  9. I love it almost as much as the gaucho:love: but that shipping is :sick:
  10. that's funny bc the gaucho came to mind, as well, when I saw the img!
  11. before customs: worth it; after customs: not worth it
  12. Agreed! There is no way I would pay that much extra for customs. What a pain :suspiciou
  13. I would get the bag if I were you but I surely wouldn't pay that much for customs. Is that the best they can do for customs?
  14. remind me of the goucho .. without the heavy padlock :biggrin:
  15. IMO i'd pass this one.. and get a white or red gaucho instead from a local shop!!:blink: