1. Hi ladies..

    has anyone ever ordered from CHANEL PARIS rue du faubourg ?? I wanted to do a TT for my order to their acc. with Natexis Banques Populaires but my bank wants the branch address of their bank. The SA that helped me, faxed their bank details but it didn't have the bank address and i'm sure they're not open right now. What time is it in PARIS by the way ???

    Thanks so much
  2. its about 6:30 there, guess ull have to wait 4 more hours till everything is open...ask them on which road the bank is located maybe thats what they mean by location!
  3. Do you still need this information? Or has it been taken care of already?
  4. Still need it .. :yes:
  5. I need to know too... my money still hasn't gone through and it's been a week :sad:
  6. they should be open now, give them a call!
  7. I sent you all of the information this morning to your private mail. Check, if you did not get it let me know and I will send it again asap.