Urgent!! Celine Mini Belt Bag

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  1. Hi all, which color are you prefer? Light taupe or dark taupe?

    Thank you...

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  2. If u like them both equally, The dark one. Easier to maintain. Plus it will look so cute with professional darker outfit. Otherwise pair it with a yellow base bandeau, u are good to go for a smart casual event/shopping. Polished and easy to look after. The simplicity spirit in Celine !
  3. Hi, yes i like them both! So difficult to decide. Currently in my collections more for dark color. But i'm worry if i get the light one, then dirty easier?
  4. I have one in light taupe, it goes well with every outfits. And it's very easy to clean with jus a baby wipe.
  5. Hi, dirty easier?

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  6. Hihi anyone there??

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  7. The dark one....
  8. I would choose the dark taupe.
  9. I like the dark taupe
  10. Dark taupe
  11. The light taupe is gorgeous!!
  12. Hi thank you all!!! I will go a head for the dark taupe :smile:
  13. dark taupe. Easier to match with anything and easier to maintain.
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  14. darn I'm just seeing this now so I'm late BUT I would have encouraged Dark Taupe as well. I have dark taupe micro luggage & adore it beyond words .The color is AMAZING. Hope you love yours & post a pic! Congrats!
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  15. Prefer the dark one.

    I've just bought a black one, will definitely choose the dark taupe if I see it in store. Lucky u!
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