URGENT!! bugspray on lv

  1. Hello fellow LV lovers!
    Okay this is so embarrassing but while I was celebrating the 4th of July and other various festivities just like 10 minutes ago, I managed to get bug spray all over my pochette accessoires. I am way overly anal about my purses and I've sobered up that instant after I realized the bug spray on my arm.... and managed to get on one side of my purse.

    Anyways, now I drove the hell back home because I consider every bag I have like my baby.

    Anyone know what the hell I should do? I put water on it and stuff.... it won't leave water marks right?

    It's kinda sticky...?
  2. Most people suggest alcohol free baby wipes for all purpose issues, I would try that but don't rub hard, be very gentle.
  3. You can also look at Karman's guide to removing stains, this thread has lots of useful info. Good luck!
  4. Thank you for the reply, is that a link in the forum? Or do I google it?
  5. OMG...try the baby wipes. Today I used bug spray wipes and they made the polish on my nails get tacky and soft. I am afraid for your LV. Please report back. Oh, and good luck...I will say a little prayer for her!
  6. Bugspray seems really bad. I am google-ing it and it stains a lot of stuff. And, something that is in it does seem to remove nailpolish from clothing, comforters, etc. Also, bugspray can be used to remove permanent marker marks from floors. Yikes. Keep that stuff away from your bags! MissTrashe...my fingers are crossed.
  7. thank you guys for all the help! I'm freaking driving to my closest 7-11.... it's 11:23pm. I love it
  8. MissTrashe, Please give us an update.
  9. Please provide us an update on your pochette. Here's hoping that the baby wipes was able to take off the bug spray. If not, I'd recommend taking the pochette to your local LV store to see what can do about cleaning up your bag. Good luck.
  10. Were you able to take the bug spray off your bag??? Please give us an update. Hope you bag is ok!
  11. Good luck.....This incident just confirmed my original thought of leaving the LV at home on the 4th of July.

    I do hope it all works out for you.
  12. yes, be careful with bug spray, the ingredient that makes it do this is deet. i've learned from experience lol, everytime i use it i go wash my hands to avoid getting my nails messed up lol.
  13. So sorry that this had to happen- I hope you're able to save your bag!
  14. Baby wipes, would be my suggestion, too! Good luck. Let us know how it turns out!!!