URGENT! Balenciaga leather

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  1. Hi!

    Can you tell me is the leather from the Balenciaga very very soft like the Chloe paddy and fall down or is the leather stiff??

    Cause I saw a balenciaga,real leather,but it is stiff.

    Hope you know what I mean and can help.

    Thanks so much.
  2. The leather is much softer and slouchier on a balenciaga.
  3. The leather varies from year to year, model to model, and even between individual bags. The motorcycle-style bags all have pretty soft leather. Can you show us a picture??
  4. The leather should never be stiff...no matter what.
  5. yes here

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  6. ^That appears to be a fake. The leather on authentic Bals is just beautiful! Soft and slouchy, although nothing like Chloe leather.
  7. Franky, that bag is fake. :nogood:
  8. Can you see it at the leather??

    How is this leather?
  9. Balenciaga makes bags other than the motorcycle line - and they're not as slouchy. Some aren't slouchy at all. But that bag above is a fake.

    I have a bag from the travel (duffel ) line, I think it's called. It's waxed calfskin and it's fairly stiff - although it has a lot of give to it still.
  10. Hi Melisande R.

    Can you show me a pic?
  11. WOW sorry it's a bad fake
  12. But where to see?

    I didnt see that.
  13. Oh my, that leather looks bad and fake :tdown:
  14. I don't have a picture of my duffel yet (and it's packed and in the car ready for our Annual Road Trip).


    THe pink one you posted is a fake. I'm thinking you really want an Arena leather bag (motorcycle bag) - which has much softer leather than on the bag you posted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.