URGENT! Authenticate CHLE BAY BAG on ebay

  1. I mixed the 2nd and third one up. Either case all three that I saw are fake.
    Be wary of people who can't take clear pics. A big red-flag for me is the really out of focus blurry photos.
  2. The last one may be authentic. I am not an expert on Chloe, it looks real. I would email for more pics.
  3. They all look fake.. You need pictures of the inside of the handles.
  4. On the last one you can see up the handles...FAKE
  5. Thank you all very much.
    Do you know where I can get an authentic CHLOE bay bag, noir colour?
    I don't mind if it's second hand.

    BTW, has anyone bought anything from www.diabro.net? are they authentic? their price
    look "authentic".

    P/S I've just lost USD800 to www.citivogue.com without any bags!!!
    They claimed they sell "authentic" bags that's why I placed an order before shipping.
    Then again, I guess they mean "authentic" MADE IN CHINA!
  6. diabro.net is definitely authentic. there have been many threads abotu this website and it seems to be legit. I hear they're very friendly with lowering customs fee as well.
  7. Sorry - duplicated the message below (I'm a newbie and still learning how to use the site!).
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  9. I had a look at thse bags for you and here are my thoughts:

    1.Bag 1 - I've never seen a Bay in that colour in the flesh but I know that they are manufactured in that colourway. There's nothing about the photos that screams fake to me but as I've never had a good look at this version,I couldn't say for sure.

    2.Bag 2 - This looks suspect to me.It is a 'Bowling Bag' version of the Bay and the shape doesn't look quite right, but the thing that looks very odd is the little leather square of material with the Chloe logo hanging off the zip on photo No:6.I've never seen anything like that on a Bay before.

    3.Bag 3 - Sorry,the Quilted Bays are the bags I know most about, so I don't know enough about this style to comment.

    4.Bag 4 - The leather looks too shiny to me. All the Noir Quiled Bays I've seen have a more matte patina. Everything else looks ok though so I guess it's possible that the flash on the camera caused the bag to look so glossy. I'd ask the seller a few more questions before proceeding ( where was the bag bought ? Does she have proof of purchase that you could see ? etc)

    5.Definitely a fake.

    Generally I'd always be suspicious about Quilted Bays that are offered on eBay at a bargain price. Given these bags now retail at no less than £890 in the UK,I don't think it's all that likely that you'd get a genuine bag for a couple of hundred pounds.
  10. Bag 2 owner has lost her receipt but she's willing to provide refund base on authenticity.
    Bag 5 owner refuse to disclose any info on receipt and serial number so I suppose it's definitely a fake.
    Thank you Tagullah, you've been very helpful :yahoo::tup:
  11. :smile:My pleasure - glad I could be of some help !

    Have you been in touch with the seller of Bag 4 ? I've just looked at one of the original Chloe ads for the Bay and the black one in that photo also looks very shiny, so it might be worth an authenticity conversation with that seller perhaps.

    Beware sellers who offer a refund against authenticity too. That can open a can of worms if you're unfortunate to be dealing with an unscrupulous person. Basically there's a trick whereby you send back the fake bag to get a refund and the seller insists the bag you sent them back was not the original one they sent you and then won't issue a refund. eBay has turned into a real miefield these days - makes you lose your faith in human nature sometimes !:sad: