Urgent! Are sundried tomato toxic to dogs?

  1. Does anyone know? I know that some pet food contains tomato so I am assuming it's okay. I have heard the leaf parts are toxic to dogs. I just don't know about sundried ones. I dropped one on the floor and of course my dog scooped in to grab it before I had a chance to pick it up. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tomato plants are part of the nightshade family, and the plants are toxic. The fruit does not have the same properties. Feeding your dog an occasional slice of tomato won't hurt.
  3. Thanks for the response pidgeon92. I found a few places online and called my vet, which confirms my dog will be fine. He said depending on how much he ate (which was not much) he might have the runs, but will be fine.
  4. I don't believe so. some dog treats contain it. let me look into it a little further.
  5. My dog used to get into the garbage and eat spaghetti sauce, which had whole peeled tomatoes in it, and he was fine. You should be good :smile:
  6. I would recommend calling ASPCA animal poison control if you're concerned. Their site is here:
    Their number is (888) 426-4435. They may charge you, but it might be worht poking around the page to see what you can find. Your vet should also be able to help. :smile:
  7. Hubba, how is the greedy little boy? My dogs eat everything and anything too. You would think I starved them.