Urgent advice, please read!

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Dear Ladies,
    I need a very quick advice from you...I'm on a business trip in Shanghai, China... Yesterday I spotted a gold 35 cm togo+canvas GHW Birkin in one of the second hand stores in the city! The bag is 2 years old, but there is no signs of wear at all on it! The price is 74,000 RMB (approx. 10,800 US$)... That's obviously a crazy price... but the store owner is willing to give me "a huge discount" as she pointed it out in perfect english! The bag is authentic of course... She said it's been brought to her shop in January (!!). She said a lot of second hand shops in Shanghai have birkins and kellies, it's not rare to see exotics and the price is super high of course (taxes, markup, scarcity etc...)
    My question is: what would be a tempting price for a bag like this?
    Could you please, share your thoughts with me?
    Thank you in advance!
  2. I say get it - but only if the price after her "huge discount" is in the ballpark area of what YOU are willing to pay.

    For me personally, I would not pay so much for that Birkin because I'm not a fan of togo+canvas.. but if you dangled a RS mysore Birkin at that price in front of me, I might just cave, price be d@mned.
  3. How long will you be in China for? I would think only if it is your dream bag and you cannot wait to get it, then get it in Shanghai; otherwise if you come to HK (two hours flight from SH), a lot of reseller shops carry even newly-minted bags. Not sure of their prices though, but should not be that wild. Other HK gals can feel free to chip in and comment. Just my two cents.
  4. Thank you very much, Ladies! I do appreciate your responses!
    I will not be going to HK anymore... My company assigned me some project in Shanghai and HK activities are taken by someone else...I used to travel to HK a lot... Never having time to check out that famous Milan Station chain. But I heard that HK prices are super high...And super fakes made in nearby Guangzou (spelling!!) are not uncommon! That scared me off for good...
    I just have a very hard time deciding on my "new found"... I love it, but the current price is way to over my budget for such bag and I guess addictional "huge discount" may bring it down by 20% max!
  5. I personally find the price much too high for the bag. Good luck with your decision...!
  6. Thank you, mistikat! It took me several hours to get over it, actually! Logically speaking this price is ridiculous... No more thoughts! Thank you everyone for your input!
  7. #7 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Saw the togo part. I thought you're referring to barenia toile. Imo, the price is not worth it.
  8. ^^^ As Iffah points out, it's more likely to be Barenia/Toile....I was in Munich Hermès last summer, and there was a 35 Barenia/Toile Birkin ON THE SHELF!

    Even a 20% discount on the bag you saw, is preposterous, IMO!
  9. Hmmm... The cheapest leather+toile combo in 35 fair condition that I came across was $4.5k (Please don't kill me LOL). Personally, if I were interested in that particular bag, I would be tempted if she gave me 50% off the ticket price...
  10. Do you really like the colour combination?

    If not fly to Paris to get it like me, after VAT only 5085 EURO for Birkin 35!

    Also, China is not a good place to get branded, 9 out of 10 mentioned that you bought from China, people intend to think that it is a replica. Just my 2 cents worth, no offence to China though.
  11. ^^I agree unless you get a 35-50% discount. If I were in a similar situation and was given a huge discount, I may cave in.
  12. Hmmm at that price, you might as well hunt around to see if you can get a new one from a more reasonable reseller - just MHO.
  13. I actually don't think the reseller is pricing that bag that high considering they are selling in China - don't know about the toile combination but a new togo 35 birkin in China directly from the Hermes shop is currently priced at around RMB75,000!! Don't know if the toile ones are much cheaper or not.
  14. That's exactly what I thought as this would be fairly the price of a new one.
  15. I think the point was, she is there in Shanghai now (or was there) and wanted to know if that bag was a good buy. Chinese in China, especially Shanghai, have incredible spending power and a known penchance for high end luxury items.