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Jan 30, 2007
United States
Hi everyone, need a big big advise.. A reseller/ small local consignment shop owner wants to sell me a Kelly size 32 from 2002 F year. I am debating if I should buy it or not as I don't know if it's 100 %authentic. The owner claimed it is and if I don't want it there a few others people want it and she is selling me for a really good price.

Here's the deal, this bag doesn't come with the strap, no lock, keys or crochette and no dustbag or box. Basically it's just a Kelly but it is still very nice bag to use without the lock.

I have a Kelly 35 and when I got home and compared the 2, I feel like the preowned one looks a bit different, especially the inside. My kelly 35 inside has the same leather as the outside but the preowned, the inside reminds me of the Chanel flap inside material. Also there's some suede material inside the pocket of the preowned Kelly and mine doesn't have it.

With above points, should I spend money on it or save the money and put it towards a birkin which I am waiting and hoping for to buy next year.

I just don't know .. It seems like a good deal though.. Please advise!



Sep 2, 2006
Sorry, all authenticity questions belong in the pertinent threads. Thanks for your understanding.
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