Urgent advice needed! Should I buy this?

  1. YES, go for it!!
  2. Woa so small... can you actually put stuff in it??

    I probably say it's not worth it. I mean for the price you can get a wallet or something?
  3. I did get a wallet from her :P

    It was LILAC :nuts: :yahoo:
  4. You always tell me to get it :P :upsidedown:

  5. its a cute bag, i have the blk mc
    its ok for me running around but not when i have my b/f with me. I have too much to carry with him.

    but for the price and with the long strap its a good price.
    you can carry a small wallet, cles, digi cam and cell/keys in there
    you'll be amazed at how much you can stuff in it. all small items of course.
  6. :yes:

    ok...and do you think an Epi cles for $109USD is a little too much? It's in excellent condition
  7. congrat's you bought the mini :smile:
  8. :yes:

    lol and the cles, and the ludlow...
  9. love it!
  10. Aw congrats, I've been dying for a mini sac hl! It's adorable! :smile:
  11. Heh...thanks! I promise I'll go on a purse ban after next week:lol: