Urgent advice needed......... Prada fringe bag in brown half price, to buy or not....


Buy the Prada brown fringe bag at half price or not?

  1. Buy

  2. Don't buy

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  1. The Prada fringe bag that Victoria Beckham has is on sale at 50% off retail 895 euros (1210usd approx)original price was 1695 in a store in Paris, my friend is there at the minute. I need to give her an answer by tomorrow at the latest.
    I love it but think I will get sick of it. What shall I do?
    I loved the bag but couldn't justify full price now the temptation of half price but still a lot of money.
    However, I think the bag has a real wow factor, do you?
    Pics below


  2. Hi Roz,

    if in doubt do not buy!

    Its a stuuning bag you could always resell?

    Eve :girlsigh:
  3. Thanks Eve, I know I could resell but I don't really know if it has been that popular. I would certainly use it for a while anyway, it definitely turns heads (I am so shallow LOL) I saw a girl in the street with it & I actually followed her in my car to get another look :roflmfao: My ID should be BagStalker :roflmfao:
  4. I saw it on sale at Saks.....DONT LIKE IT personally..as u all know!LOL!
  5. It's Ok IRL but if in doubt, that is half the money to go towards a bag you really like.

    I think this bag will date quickly, it is kinda gimmicky, prada has so many elegant styles with clean lines, this one doesn't really stick to that.

    But, each to her own, sleep on it, if you still love it in the morning, go for it!!
  6. I love this bag, found it on sale, didn't buy it, still think about it to this day!
    LOL, love how you followed the girl with the bag -- sounds like something I would do!
    I'm sure your closet looks amazing - how many "safe" bags do you have?
    Go for the "Wow" factor!!
  7. Thanks Jill & rup.

    Haha Jill when the Queen of Prada doesn't like it that is a huge minus for the bag LOL

    Pursesuader, I do have a lot of "safe" bags LOL my LV collection I will never go off so it's another angle on the bag, be adventurous LOL
  8. I voted nay on this one. You might get sick of it after awhile and wished you had something more subtle yet head turning.
  9. I bought the black fringe hobo and tried on all the fringed bags at Prada a few weeks ago. I had the same concern but frankly, I love the way the fringe works on this bag. It's so different from any previous hippie fringed bag from that era/recent resurfacing of that era.

    I have had compliments from so many people on mine -- young, old, middle aged, conservative and not. If it's calling to you -- I would get it. I haven't regretted mine for 2 seconds.
  10. I wonder why this went on sale... :rolleyes:

    Seriously, get it if you REALLY like it. but remeber to get your rabies shot first and always keep it n a leash...
  11. well......did you get it?????
  12. Thanks all, Jenskar you are driving me crazy LOL Glad you like yours, is it heavy, that's a worry of mine.
    lulilu, no decision yet, my friend will be in Paris until Friday evening so I can let her know tomorrow evening.
  13. Yeah, if in doubt don't buy. I personally like the bag but wouldn't get it because it seems like something I know I won't be using for long..more of an "it" bag. As I type this I realize that I have several "it" bags..umm:p well I personally wouldn't because I think I wouldn't like the frilly bits after a while.
  14. Sorry to drive you crazy Angel. I have the hobo which is smaller -- the weight is not bothering me.
    Gauffres went on sale too -- I would not take that as an indication of anything.
    I did worry about the trendiness factor however -- I'm not really a trend kind of gal. I got it because I love it. I own a ton of Prada clothing and tried it with my sleek jackets and suits and it dressed right up, carried it with jeans and it dressed right down. I see it more as a signature piece like the venice print tote I got years ago.
    Good luck deciding !!
  15. Nay for me too.