Urgent advice needed - Gucci brixton. Are they comfortable?

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  1. Hi

    I can get a pair in my size but need to know if they are comfortable? I really don't want anything that is at all uncomfortable but also I need to get a lot of wear out of them. Do they wear well?

  2. yes, they are very comfortable. they are made with softer leather than the Princetown and Jordaan. I have all 3 models (2 of the Brixton).
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  3. Thanks Apey
    Do they wear well or do they wrecked easily? In your view.

    Would you recommend them instead of the Jordaan?
  4. It really depends how hard you are on shoes. The Brixton is made with soft leather -- like a moccasin -- so the back can fold down. I've worn mine several times with no damage, but then I don't drag my feet. I also rarely wear a pair two days in a row.

    My suggestion is to try both and see which you like better.