URGENT! '34pretzels'- is this a real buyer?

  1. I received a few days ago a question asking if the round tags come with my chloe bag i have up for auction. The question seemed to be normal and come from a real person so I answered it. Then just now I get this email...

    Good Morning:
    Thank you for rsponding to my question. I would love to
    purchase your bag, and pay with a US Postal Money
    Order. Please forward your mailing address to my
    attention. In the meantime, here is my shipping
    information. I will include it with the invoice that you
    email. Thank you for offering this item on eBay.

    Does this email seem strange to anyone? Has anyone ever heard of this person? I know there are soooo many scam emails and spoofs out there on eBay nowadays. DO you think this could be a ploy to get my information?
  2. do you have a BIN on your auction? I would ask the buyer to do a BIN, or to bid and good luck. Do not end the auction early and sell outside of eBay.
  3. It sounds very much like a scam response I got for some high end furniture I posted on craigslist-I would not change anything until I knew I was communicating with a person-you will be able to tell, and make a decision then-good luck!
  4. It sounds a bit dodgy

    Just be careful whatever you decide to do.

    I personally would stear clear
  5. Oh i am definitely NOT selling outside Ebay. What little protection Ebay does offer, I am sticking to it! I wrote back saying they can use the BIN feature, I would hate to have someon use it and not pay AGAIN! I will keep my fingers crossed!