Urgent: 1 day to decide on sunnies!


Which looks better? :)

  1. Pomme Obsession Rond

  2. Armando Tortoise

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  1. I just tried these on today and I'm just so enamoured with these new sunnies that I promised my SA that I'll decide within 1 day which I will get, lol.

    They are totally different styles, IMO, which is what makes it hard to decide.

    Sorry for the overexposed pics...dern camera...

    Which do you think looks better?

    Pomme Obsession Rond

    Armando Tortoise
    IMAGE_002_1.jpg IMAGE_007_1.jpg
  2. of course I like the Armando Tortoise. It goes with everything. Plus it looks so good on you.:tup:
  3. Hi Orodruin, I think the Armando Tortoise looks great on you. Cool! :supacool:
  4. Thanks! :smile:

    Here's some opinions of mine

    Pomme Obsession Rond
    - It's POMME!!! lol...
    - Love the LV fleurs...
    - comfortable shape, doesn't rest on my cheeks
    - Red is sorta trendy colour, so I would probably wear it only on weekends
    - Red...just another red? *shrug*

    Armando Tortoise
    Looooove the stark gradation of the lens! Gotta see it IRL, it's so chic
    Cons- A bit large, almost resting on cheeks, but still comfortable actually
    - Not distinctly LV? (pro/con depending on your point of view :smile:
  5. I think the Armando's are tdf, they're very sophisticated and I like the shape on you more. I'm not so keen on the shape of the Obsession Rond's but wouldn't the Pomme colour on the Armando's be PERFECT?! :p
  6. Armando Tortoise!!! :smile:
  7. I love the red ones on you......the coloring goes well with your features!!
  8. I prefer the pomme !
  9. Hmm... seems like you are leannig more towards the Pomme, because you listed more pros. :p Well, get the one your heart tells you to and most comfortable with.
  10. I quite like the Armando Tortoise pair! Very pretty & funky at the same time :biggrin:
  11. Am loving the Armando tortoise.
  12. I'm voting the Armando too- the pomme seems to sit too high up on you, does that make sense?
  13. another vote for Armando :tup: any relation to my Raymundo? :p
  14. The Armondo pair looks really good on you!
  15. OMG 100% Armando Tortoise!!!!! Those ones look so fly (not my typical expression, but they do!)!!! They just really flatter you and look so stylish without trying too hard and look like they would go with everything. Definitely those ones are awesome...