Urbanoutfitters.com 20% off!

  1. Use LUCKY2008 at checkout for 20% Off for any order of $100 or more. I just tried and it worked!! It does not state any expiration date on this coupon however I would take advantage of this coupon and order asap!

    And remember with orders over $150 you get free shipping!

  2. great thanks!
  3. Thanks so much! My friends have tons of stuff from UO on their wishlists!
  4. I just ordered a bag, dress, jeans, gloves, a scarf, and a top, all for $175!
  5. thank you!!! such a good deal!
  6. no problem! I was so excited to find this coupon in the back of my lucky magazine.. i feel like this is the most UO will ever give.

    GUCCI COOCHIE -- Great to hear! I love your username btw! :yes:
  7. just curious, does it not work anymore? i tried it and it's not working =(
  8. it's working for me! I wonder why its not working for you. Are you sure your cart had a total amount of $100 or more??
  9. My cart has about $150+ worth of items but the code still doesn't work for me. :wtf:
  10. awesome I going to check out it.
  11. code would not work for me and I had over 175 in my cart?
  12. Thanks, I haven't got my Lucky yet!
  13. I just tried and it worked for me.

    Are some of the items in your cart on sale or are some or do you have any home products? Maybe the code is only good on nonsale apparel and accessories? Maybe there are brand exclusions too?
  14. Nope, It worked for me and I had sale items. Is everyone sure that they are puting it in the promotional code box and not the gift card section? Or maybe try copy and pasting the code from the OP :confused1:
  15. I'm pretty sure that I did everything correctly but it just doesn't want to work for me. :sad: