Urban Outfitters

  1. Does UO have a F&F code? I know they have some tokidoki on sale right now. If anyone knows where I can buy tokidoki for cheap please help! or any urban outfitters codes!
  2. If you use a Visa card to pay, you can use the code VISA15OFF for 15% off.
  3. lesportsac has 25 dollars off right now
  4. I thought this coupon is still valid
    luckymag2006 ~ 20% off $100+ [expires 11/30/06]
  5. isn't that for a certain amount? or is that for any amount?
  6. Thank you so much for the 20%off one!
  7. You might want to try going to the store itself (if it's not a huge trip or anything). I accidentally discovered that my store had a few citta wallets on sale for $55. And at the time the store had an extra 50% off women's merchandise...so I only paid $30 for my wallet with tax....
  8. Holy Bargain!! You are lucky!!
    UO is offering free shipping on their site on all orders over $50 until 11/27. Code is Freebird
  9. Nice! They have some cittas on sale online.

    Not that I'd be able to use the free shipping (stupid Canada), but I don't need two of the same print.

    ...my inferno gets here sooooon...!
  10. does it apply to anthropologie?? :crybaby:
  11. They still have 50% off womens accessories. I was in the UO in San Jose yesterday but unfortunately they were all sold out of Tokidoki. Hopefully I can find something on sale in the UO in SF. We'll see.
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