Urban Outfitters UK is WAY better than US why?


Jul 15, 2006
i remember thinking that US urban outfitters was way better when i was a teen but i've definitely changed my mind since! back then it was a budget thing really, the UK ones are way more expensive, partly it's different stock but some of it is just the same stuff with a higher price tag :Push: they do sell kimchi clothing on the US website so it might just be that the particular coat is sold out? i bet it was something like $180 if it's £155 ($260) in the UK :rolleyes:

there are lots of things we don't get in the uk :lol: and most things are way cheaper in the US, so much so that it can actually be worth shopping online from the US and having it shipped :rolleyes:


Aug 31, 2009
You can't order because of the limitation of the website or because the sales associate said so?

I ask because I've ordered items from Europe all the time and have no problems. I've not dealt with Urban Outfitters UK specifically but I've ordered items from stores in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia and the UK via phone orders. They are usually willing to ship to me and wave VAT taxes.