Urban Outfitters Shoes

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  1. Do you guys have any shoes from Urban Outfitters? I only have a few dresses and tops. What's your experience with their shoes? Are they comfy...true to size? I want some opinions before I make a few purchases...thanks!
  2. Yes, I bought 2 pairs of shoes from UO. Well, As for comfort... my feet are THE MOST sensitive feet this side of the mississippi - so, for most normal people I'm sure they're fine, but mine... well, takes a bit of stretching beforehand. I bought these in both Grey and black suede. They look great, but hurt! :sad:
  3. I bought black, shiny patent pumps from them. They're not that comfortable--sometimes my foot gets kinda sweaty, but other than that, the look of them is really nice. Worth buying.
  4. I have tons of Havianas flip flops! Love em!