Urban Outfitters handbags

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  1. Hi everyone! I was actually thinking of purchasing a bag from UO under $70 , so that i can just use for school purposes and not worry about getting it dirty. I have some in mind, but for the actual fabric/material of the handbag some have "PVC" listed. I know that it's supposed to be some kind of material but I just can't picture how it would feel (even though there are pictures of the bag, i really can't see them close up) Can anyone help me out with this? I just need some description or examples. PLEASE! :sweatdrop:
  2. It's fake leather. Since it's a man-made material there's no way to tell how it feels without touching it.
  3. I see.. hmmm.. it's fine if it's fake leather (like i said: it's for school lol) and i really don't want to use my nice bags. Thank you for telling me! At least it's not vinyl or anything too plasticy.
  4. It's pleather. Feel can depend on the bag and design. Sometimes it can feel almost like leather, sometimes very plasticky. Hit and miss!
  5. It really depends. Some of urbans bags are REALLY cheap. I was thinking about getting a certain bag for school but I was afraid it was gonna fall apart from the books. If there is an urban anywhere near you, you're much better off going and looking at them. Dont waste $70 for something that might fall apart
  6. You should definitely go to the store and check out the bags~
    When I see the bags from Urban Outfitters online, I think they're all really cute but when I actually see them IRL, I hate them. Just because the material is SO bad and they seem so poorly made.
  7. Thanks guys! I know... I was worrying about getting a fake leather, but i really didn't want to use my nice bags (esp since they cost 2 or 3 times the price of UO handbags). BUt then again, i think you're right.... even cheaper bags should be carefully examined lol. I remember receiving a white (MJ look a like) bag from UO as a b-day gift from a friend and i haven't touched it for the longest time because the leather feels really disgustingly weird.... just hard to explain- maybe it's PVC?!
  8. Well, basically this is the bag i was thinking about purchasing.... but since it's on backorder and I've called to see if they had it (which they didn't)- Do any of you guys have this bag?
    14193700_46_b.jpg 14193700_46_d.jpg
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  10. ^ I think that's really cute.

    I have one cheap PVC bag that I got at Nordies/BP but it's very comparable to a UO bag in looks, construction and quality. I used it a lot for school and always got a TON of compliments on it. But I noticed one day that the PVC had started to stretch apart at the seams :sad:

    For <$20 the bag served me well, but you do get what you pay for, KWIM?
  11. i own a non-expensive pleather tote (usd30, bought in singapore) that i've "abused" - overstuff with books, 500ml mineral water, through rain and put on floor etc, and it's still doing good after 1year! i really feel it's a great bag, one of the best i've purchased. the best part is some people actually commented the bag looks nice :lol:. if u are not a die-hard brand person i really think it's good to get a good non-expensive tote for school :yes:. maybe look around some more for other non-expensive bags :smile:.
  12. I was considering getting the one you want. It looks cute. I ordered 2 bags from UO recently and the quality is hit or miss. I only kept one. PVC isn't very durable if you carry heavy books but it should last at least a semester. I noticed that the strap on my PVC bag started to crack from the weight though.

    I got this one to use as my school bag. It's real leather, slouchy, and it looks much better in person. Also, I love how many pockets it has. It keeps me organized.


    This is the 2nd one I ordered. It's PVC material and it was stiff as a board! I sent it back for a refund.

  13. I have an UO bag that was $48. It had woven leather-like handles and they keep unraveling! Within the first or second use. I need to crazy glue the handles (it's a skinny leather-like material that wraps around). Other than that, the bag is very nice quality, nice feeling, and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was.
  14. Wow... thanks guys! I think it's a lot more challenging to get a "nice" cheaper bag than to pick a bag that already has good quality. Maybe i'll just give it a try and if i don't like it i'll return it. I do carry heavy books but not all at once, since my classes are spread out throughout the week. So, what i'll do is go to UO to see if they have the black/taupe (which is not on backorder) and feel the material and then decide to whether or not purchase that one.

    I love that black bag from UO :tup: It looks like it would hold really well!

    Thank you for helping me out, I really do appreciate all the good feedbacks!
  15. Hi, I found this thread as I was doing a search for the Urban Outfitters bag my friend bought me. It's called Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel and you can see more photos here: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&startValue=1&selectedProductColor=&sortby=&id=14193700&parentid=W_ACC_BAGS&sortProperties=+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=249&navAction=poppushpush&color=&tabStyle=Reviews

    I love this bag! As you can see, it's gotten many rave reviews. I have it in red but after seeing your photos in seafoam I wish they would bring back that color so that I can buy it! It's really soft to the touch and the interior is roomy. There are some flaws. I don't like that it doesn't zip up completely (there are spaces on both ends were you can slip in your hand) and because of its size my stuff gets lost in it, but it's still great to carry. I'm considering purchasing it in other colors.