Urban Outfitters- Gioco on sale

  1. Don't know if someone already posted this-
    UO has Gioco in Inferno for $129. I wish I was looking for a Gioco because I want some more Inferno!:nuts:
  2. Ooh ... thanks for the tip.
    Which store(s) did you see it at?
    I guess it's not online though... I didn't see it on www.urbn.com :sad:
  3. Yes, they do have it! I check them out every so often to see if they got anymore Toki. I had not seen anything since they were selling the citta rose denaros. So I figured that was it for them. I guess I will have to check them out daily and see if they will get anything else in. I missed out on the citta rose gioco they had posted a month ago on sale.
  4. Which UO is this?
  5. It is online. They are sold out of it now, though.
  6. Hey, I just saw it online (at www.urbn.com) -- then, when I checked back literally 5 minutes later to order it, it was already out of stock. Boooo. Oh well. Hopefully someone here got one :smile:
  7. ah i just saw it on UO's website it's not available already T.T how often do they post tokidoki up?
  8. Yeah, you have to be quick about it! The same thing happened to me when I was gonna get something off of Macys.com. I had to think about it for a few minutes and when I finally had my mind made up it was gone!
  9. Ah, now I've learned my lesson. Hah. Did you end up getting one? (Lucky!) I had to think about it for a bit b/c I just bought a Bella Inferno, plus I'm at work (shh) ... so by the time I figured "ah what the hell," poof ... it was gone. Maybe it's for the best, ha ha.
  10. No, I already have an inferno campeggio. The gioco isn't exactly my most favorite style. I wish I would have gotten the chance to get the citta rose gioco though, but I was too late when they posted that one.
  11. ahhh how long ago did they post? the first time I checked for it it was already sold out :sad:
  12. It must have been sometime this morning. Looking at the time of the first post.
  13. Yeah, it must've been sometime this morning. I checked the website around 11am (see above) and they didn't have it (only the Tokidoki watch was listed). Then it appears to have popped back up before it went out of stock again. Weird!

    Anyway, thanks for the tips, guys. I'm new here and this site is so helpful (even if I didn't get the bag, ha) :smile:
  14. Check back daily. They have been posting different Toki items here and there. Every so often.
  15. I just got one for $113, and used the $15 off code!