Urban Outfitters Extra 50% sale

  1. Urban Outfitters is having an additional 50% off of their sale items. I didn't go in to see what they have, however. But, just wanted to let you all know.
  2. I don't see the extra 50%
  3. its not online!
  4. oo:huh:OOoo i must check out the store today!!!~ Thanks so much for the information. ^_^
  5. Thanks so much for the heads up! I went there after classes and I got two trapeze dresses (15 each), a vintage floral button down blouse, and tank, all under 45 total :}
  6. I wish it was online they have some really nice things.
  7. Nice post! I went this morning to the STL location. A cute shirt and some shorts for $20!!! :yahoo:
  8. sorry, i didn't clarify mona_danya, but yup the sale sign i saw was for the store
  9. Extra 50% off sale items for women. The one on state st. downtown chicago was kind of picked through when i went on weds. They did have some cute Jeffrey Campbell boots, but not in my size
  10. Aww I wish I lived near a store!
  11. definitely have to check this out tomorrow. there was an awesome dress i was eyeing there in march...hopefully it's still there!
  12. i saw the sign extra 50% off but we didn't go in cuz we're in hurry.
  13. do you think any chance it might actually happen online too?
  14. It doesn't happen as often online as it does in the stores, I think the last time it happened online was sometime in January?
  15. Thanks for the tip. I wonder if there's anything good left over since I missed it this weekend. Did it say how long the sale was going to last?