Urban outfitter discount code?

  1. Bummmppp
    15% off orders of $75 or more. Expires 7/19/10 :smile:
  3. thanks
  4. free shipping on any reg. priced shoe purchase enter shoeclub exp. 7/19
  5. Thanks....just used it.

    15% off even sale items.
  6. a day late...any new codes? :flowers:
  7. faceoff still works! I just bought 16 pieces from the $5 sale for 65 bucks after the 15% discount. Such a steal :yahoo:
  8. I never from their online site. Do they accept online returns in the store?
  9. Yep they do.

    Thanks for the heads up on the $5 sale, Ann! Unfortunately faceoff wouldn't work for me. :sad: I picked up 6 things for $38 shipped! This is my third urban order this month so far. Yikes. :nuts:
  10. Yes! I've done it at their New Haven store.
  11. Faceoff has expired :sad:
    any new ones?
  12. I would love a new one!!! =)
  13. yeaaay mee too ! :yahoo:
  14. lucky me ordered something yesterday day with the code faceoff:lol:
    hope there's a new code coming out for you guys
  15. Any new codes yet?? :smile: