Urban outfitter discount code?

  1. Hi, does anyone have an Urban Outfitter discount code? Anything would be great!


    I really like this suit, but it's just a tad too expensive for my taste!

    Thanks in advanced :smile::flowers:
  2. PICKAWINNER for 10% off your order
  3. any free shipping codes as well?
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  5. I used THINKSPRING a few days ago and got 20% off. The total has to be over $50. It worked for regular and sale merchandise.
    I also got free shipping because the order was over $150.
  6. :yahoo:THINKSPRING 20% off still works! Thank you so much Shoelover, you're the best!
    I just ordered my first Frye Engineer 8R Boots & I saved about $30 bucks.
  7. their sale emails drive me bonkers. they do "FREE SHIPPING" lots of times as their subject line and then in really really really tiny print on the email it says "free shipping for over $100" seriously??? that's pretty standard for lots of online stores all the time.
  8. ^ yeah! i hate that too. misleading, haha
  9. does THINKSPRING still work? It's not for me. any new codes? TIA!
  10. It expired yesterday.
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  13. SHOEIN for 20% off shoes. Expires midnight, EST on 2/23.
  14. i read online that instores are having additional 50% off red tags
  15. fyi this is only for full-priced shoes :p