Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

  1. I was one of the lucky ones who got to order it on 12/1! Yay! I couldn't wait and went to sephora to pick up Naked. Lol.
  2. Just got it in the mail (Shipped USPS)!

  3. ^^
    Looks gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on one...

    Absolutely in love with every color.
  4. So jealous! I want one so bad.
  5. i just got mine also, looks great
  6. I checked my e-mail and saw that it's back in stock on UD's website... hurry, before it's sold out again!!
  7. I just got the email too & I just finished checking out!!

    I was also able to use the 10% off code they sent me when I signed up for email updates!! I can't wait to get my palette!! :yahoo:
  8. So much temptation to buy! I keep on putting it my cart and then Xing off the website!
  9. I just placed my order and got a confirmation...yipeeee
  10. Sold out again
  11. Oops! I am wrong. Amarxie on Twitter said the product page still has it in stock, even though it shows out of stock on the front page.
  12. Now officially OOS.
  13. Wow! Already got my shipping confirmation!! Uber fast...
  14. Got mine! I think I like even better than the first one.