Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

  1. http://www.temptalia.com/
    review of the palette with shade descrptions
  2. I'm going to wait for Sephora to carry this...

    It's sold out on UD now.
  3. It's not you. Every other reviewer is saying it runs cool. I was just buying first researching later. Anyway, the colors are frosty and shimmery. I have a dark complexion so it shows up a bit more tarty on me, imo. I still wear them to work about 1x/week, but I try to use a light hand when I do.

    I see the palette is sold out. I knew it would.
  4. To me it looks like it does run cooler. I got mine as soon as I got out of a meeting but I'm going to have to wait until my bff comes up from NYC to get it. I hate that its available nowhere in Canada.
  5. I want this so bad! Its sold out everywhere, fleabay has it for $100! Anyone knows when Sephora will carry it?
  6. temptalia had this up: availability: Now @ Urban Decay for $50; mid-to-late January for Sephora, Ulta, beauty.com, Macy’s; February 2012 for international

    the UD website should have it again in a week.
  7. :tdown:

    Hate the glitter as well!
    Ill pass on Two..

    I too wish they'd come out with a palette with matte neutral shades..
    Maybe Naked Three???
  8. Spring.
  9. i am so happy my students were testing today and i got to purchase it!! :smile: i have heard a ton of girls say "i already have 1, no need for 2"...i say "i girl can never have too many neutral shadows"!!!! ;)

    i am NOT a big shadow wearer but when i do wear it i love experimenting and having a new look each time. i actually started utilizing my Naked 1 recently and colors i thought i hated and would never use, i love! i think the packaging and brush are awesome and from the swatches, they are much cooler, despite having a lot of orangy/bronzy colors. loving the 2 light ones and the matte taupe color. and LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 dark ones for a darker smoke.
  10. Not to worry...Temptalia said it'll be permanent..So I can wait.
  11. I didn't even know there was going to be a second naked palette. I love the first one already and I have a weakness for neutral palettes. Thankfully it's permanent, so I don't have to rush and buy it.
  12. I wish they would make a cool neutral toned Naked Palette, half of women are cool toned, half are warm.
  13. I signed up to be notified. I am not in a frenzy since its not LE..so no way would I pay eBay prices lol.
  14. Too many dupe shades! If you are an Urban Decay Book of Shadows collector or have other UD palettes you already have at least half of the shadows:

    Chopper: BOS 1
    Half Baked: BOS 2, Naked 1
    YDK: BOS 2
    Suspect: BOS 3

    Temptalia shade in her YT vid how some colors match really close or exactly to Naked 1
  15. anybody showing theres is shipped yet? Mine just says pending processing.