Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

  1. :rolleyes: Site isn't working for me either. Really unimpressed with the way Urban Decay has handled this whole Naked Palette thing... you think they would have learned from the first round. Make the palettes easily available!!! Geesh. I am waiting to snag Naked2 when it is easy to get (i.e. I walk in Sephora and it's in stock).
  2. Boo! I want!! :pout:
  3. The code worked. They charge sales tax for CA so it kind of evened out.

    If you have a smart phone try getting on the site from there. It was much faster than the computer.
  4. got it! I used code, looked like it took discount but at the end it wasn't there. Oh well! Hope all this was worth it, lol
  5. ^I know. At least we aren't paying more than retail right? and shipping was free. And we get that lovely gold eyeliner for free!

  6. Got it! I used my phone and had no problem. Thank you!:tup:
  7. Got it even though there are still some colors in the original palette I haven't swatched yet lol. I figure I should get it now while the gettin's good!
  8. Same goes for me. I was super late to the "Naked" party (haha!) and I didn't want to miss out on this. I think this palette seems slightly cooler toned than the original. Maybe? So far I've been digging Sin, Toasted and Hustle in the original palette.
  9. I have NAKED so I'm gonna pass on 2.
  10. Hmm, the blogger xsparkage noted it was warmer. Me - I can't tell lol. I just wish they'd use more mattes. I thought a neutral palette would be perfect for work, but unfortunately these shadows have been true to UD form and I don't always feel comfortable in them professionally. I can't stand glitter so I've never even eyeballed Sidecar.
  11. It took patience but I finally got my order in! I ordered 2, one for me and one for DD for Xmas. I too wish there were more mattes in this but I think I'll like it anyway.
  12. Great, another palette I "need." :lol:
  13. I was just able to order one. Not sure if I will keep it or give it as a gift. We shall see!

    Edited to add: I got mine on my phone. No trouble at all.

  14. Hmmm, maybe the grey color made me think it was cooler. Oh well, it's pretty nonetheless! :lol:

    I've been wearing the Sin/Toasted combo to work all week. I don't think it's too shimmery. But a few more mattes or pearls would be nice.
  15. i ordered it since i never had the first one