Urban Decay F&F 30% Off

  1. Use code FFH30 at checkout. Valid until 11/20.
  2. Ooh I love their eyeshadows! And I got one of their lipglosses as a RAOK and it's amazing! I'm tempted to buy more...

    what is up with all these great makeup sales lately?? They're killing me! :lol:
  3. Thank you! This is great!!!!!
  4. You guys are so.........bad, I am gonna have a flat wallet this month.:nogood:
  5. Is anyone else having problems with the website? It shows that I don't have anything in my cart even though theres a count for my items.. Hmm!
  6. I HATE living in the Netherlands! Why doesn't any of those awesome cosmetica labels ship to our little country? Sephora doesn't, Stila doesn't, Urban Decay doesn't... Sniff.
  7. I wish that there was a shipping code for less than a $75 purchase.
  8. ^ Me too. But at least it's only $5 (and not $8 like Stila's!)
  9. Hmmm...valid until the 20th? It doesn't seem to apply the code when I click the redeem button... :sad:
  10. ooh nevamind...I guess it doesn't accept the code at 3am when I decide to do all my holiday shopping...it's working now! Thanks for the post bea8480!!
  11. Hmm its doing the nothing in my shopping cart thing on me.

  12. That's what it was doing to me too. Maybe it's a sign we shouldn't buy anymore things!!! Hahaha.