Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

  1. Also doesn't work for me. In fact, IT CREASES before I get to my eye makeup application, LOL! I've tried applying very little and I've tried applying more . . . have never found it to work for me.
  2. this stuff is the best hands down

    I tried to do the paintpot from MAC that everyone was talking about. didnt work, my eye shadow was creased! Waste of money. I come back to UDEPP all the time!! I put it on at 6am and my eyeshadow is still in tact way into 8pm. even when the rest of my makeup has given up.

    even when I go out partying at some sweaty club my eyeshadow still looks like I just applied it!

  3. do you close your eyes for a bit to let it dry?? whenever i put it on I close my eyes for about 5-10 seconds to make sure it's dry. if you put it on and then don't allow it to dry then yes it will crease right away.
  4. honestly, I've tried every way. Right after washing my face, not right after - letting it 'set' for a bit, not letting it "set" - over applying, under applying and in between, etc. . .
  5. ^^ well that's a bummer!! so weird how some works awesome on some people and not at all on others.

    honestly if this stuff didn't exist I would probably never wear any eye makeup. this stuff is a miracle product for me.

    edit: the new "shimmery" primer potion i think is terrible. it doesn't work the same as the original stuff. my eye shadow creases every time with that stuff
  6. OOOOOOOO I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't like UDPP... I thought I was nutso or something but my eyeshadow totally creases later in the day. I was bummed but at least I got to try it from samples instead of having to purchase it.

    I have tried TFSI and it's okay for me... I like the bare minerals eyelid primer the best for me.
  7. I just got the Sin UDPP (the shimmer version) and my eyeshadow definitely stays put, but I found it hard to blend my shadow. I think it was because I applied the UDPP unevenly since it was my first try. It's hard to use that wand. I think next time I will try applying it with a concealer brush. Anyone have some other tips on the best way to apply it?
  8. I bought it during F&F and returned it.. I don't care that it was only 20 bucks, it sucked.

  9. i just dab some on my eye lid with the wad and then use my fingers to spread/dab it evenly across my eyelid. works best for me!
  10. ^That's what I do too. UDPP is my HG for eyes, I can't live w/o it!
  11. I find UDPP to last much better and longer than TFSI, I just hate the UDPP packaging.
  12. I almost bought some when I was at Ulta recently and I was considering going back to purchase it. Glad I encountered this thread before jumping the gun, lots of mix reviews here!
  13. I'm new with make up and this was my first eyeshadow primer. I have to say I am very impressed and at the end of the day my eyeshadow still looks great! I really don't like the packaging though. I feel that I'll have to be cutting it in the future to get the product out.
  14. I'm not that crazy about this stuff. It does create on ok canvas for eye shadow, but I find it very difficult to get enough product out of the container. I've used it maybe 6-10 times and it "feels" close to empty. Given the price, I think I'll try another product in the future.
  15. Ok, so the packaging is def a :tdown:, but this really is the BEST primer that I've ever used in terms of staying power...my eyeshadow shows no signs of creasing, even after 12 hours of wear. I cannot say the same about MAC prep & prime, it does not last nearly as long, though I am usually a huge MAC fan.

    So boo on the packaging, but a big YAY on the quality! :okay: