Urban Decay eye shadow anyone?

  1. I'm thinking about ordering some Urban Decay shadows. I was just looking for opinions from people who've tried them...

    Which shades do you like? Does it wear well? How big is the container (do you get a lot of product)?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. Stray dog is the only colour I have. I love it, lots of product and I use it with the potion stuff to make it stay and not crease so I don't know how it is on it's own. I'm really happy with it.
  3. you get what you pay for! I love urban decay but all of my friends call me a queen They are very pigmented but you have to be so careful because some of them have so much glitter and it gets everywhere and is impossible to get id of!

    It just depends on what youre looking for. UD is not for the shy or faint of heart lol.

    And please you MUST get the eyeshadow primer potion it is a god send!
  4. I agree about the excessive glitter, so watch out if you wear contact lens. I love their green shadow called Graffiti. It's a beautiful, eye catching green.

  5. you should get the sets of their best selling eyeshadows.

    I really like it, its smooth on the eye and the color is complete and obvious.
  6. i only have 2 ud shadows (x & mildew). i really like them and am planning on getting more in the near future. their colors are fun and nicely pigmented.
  7. I'm not too crazy about the shawdows but I love the eye shadow primer. =)
  8. I love UD! I don't wear eyeshadow really often because it always manages to make my eyes look squinty :s, but when i do it's definitely one of my two UD shades. I have Smog and URB (I love this one! I've gotten so many compliments on it). I really want to get more.
    I highly recommend that you get some, you won't be disappointed!
  9. I used to own some 20 UD eye shadows at some point in time, threw all out but kept Chains, it seems to go with every color clothing I wear.

    They cake in the pot if you mess around with water for a more intense color, that's before their Primer Potion came out.

    The other color I'm fond of was Lounge, a metallic red-brown with green sheen. I think it's discontinued.
  10. I love UD!! I must have at least 20 different shades! FYI, the best way to remove excess glitter from your face after applying is to use tape. I guess any kind of tape would do. I keep a roll of plastic (medical) tape on my vanity just for this purpose. Works like a charm.
  11. I Love urban decay eye shadow! I like grind, midnight cowboy, scratch, shot gun, and uzi I get compliments for these eye shadows all the tine. PEople like how i have glitter on my cheeks from them hahaha
  12. How do you keep glitter from falling into your eye? I've tried them with Primer Potion and no matter where I shade, they seem to have some sort of homing device. Quite annoying when I'm wearing contact lenses.
  13. I've used the shadow color Snow for years.
  14. I am a Urban Decay eyeshadow addict. I love them. They never crease on me and last forever (without primer). Also, you do get a lot of product. I have tried adding a little water for eyeliner and have not had any problems (i use a very small amount of water). Also, they do make shade that are less glittery. They also have a new line of matte eyeshadow (it was new this fall) and i love those as well. They have a nice white one for highlighting and I love Illegal- it's a lovely purple-y brown.
  15. They are the best. Some have more glitter and others are more "shimmered".
    They are the best for evening make up. Long lasting (I even jumped in a swimming pool and it was still perfect after !!).
    After having 2 Eye shadows I bought this set of 10 shadows, love it !