Urban Decay build your own e/s pallette

  1. My total before tax was US$118.00, and 3-day shipping was free. The palette with one e/s included is $18 as are each of the shadows. So hmm....more expensive than MAC's un-potted e/s, but I'm not sure how much product is in their pans vs UD to do a true comparison.

    I'm crossing fingers this is a good investment. I LOVE the quality of the UD e/s, and I'm doing some out of town travel in July where I will want something new and fun in makeup to bring, without having to pack an UD BOS which will be too bulky.

    I'll let you know how it turns out! :biggrin:

    Hmm, the link in my original post does not work - here's another attempt just in case:

  2. i saw it tonight at Sephora but it is SO expensive! some of the colors i had never noticed before were amazing. my friend said she has a lot of fallout with them though.
  3. I have zero fallout with UD, but I use their primer potion.

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  4. The real metallic, glittery UD e/s are major fallout problems for me (hello, Midnight Cowboy rides again). I look like I'm going clubbing after a hard day at work, even with the primer potion!

    Thankfully the less glittery shades don't fallout on me that often. I just make sure to prime my lids and tap off excess shadow from my brush and pat on rather than rub.

  5. I really want this but I have way too many pallets and eyeshadows already. I think Ulta occasionally has a 20% off entire purchase coupon which might work on this. I just got one in the mail 2 days ago. If it works I think I'll be getting this but probably wont be filling it up since it'd still be pretty expensive.
  6. I don't wear any super glittery ones. I'm too...ahem...mature for mega glitter. ;) And I almost always use a slightly damp brush--a habit I got into when I used the horribly crumbly (yet still expensive) Dior shadows.
    UD shadows are my HG shadows, and I use their Surreal Skin foundation too. First foundation I've ever loved! :biggrin:

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  7. Thanks! I think if you will get a ton of use out of it, then it's worth it. They make amazing eyeshadows. I haven't gotten the naked palette yet, so I may just opt for that and get shadows one at a time otherwise. If I end up with enough to fill a palette, then I'll buy it! :smile:
  8. Sounds great! :biggrin: Not to get too OT, but IMO the Naked 2 palette is better both for cool (pink) skin undertones (like I have) and also for purse/travel as it's in a metal case that snaps shut. The original Naked palette is in a velvet case with magnetic closure.

  9. What colors are in the naked palette 2? I have first one but looking at the pics they kinda of look the same yes?
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    I can't tell much of a difference between the original and the 2 palette either. But all are lovely colors! :biggrin:
    If anyone knows the exact difference please share. :smile:

    Edited to add: I'm too lazy to look it up on UD.com and find out. LOL
  11. Thank you for the tip!
  12. Hey godesses...my palette and shadows arrived today and I LOVE them!! I love the tin too - it's a perfect size for purse or travel (snaps shut securely).

    The individual e/s are SO easy to pop out and put into the palette. So easy as you just need to open the lid of the e/s and gently press your thumbs on the bottom and voila! What a difference from all of the heating and prying I needed to do with my MAC e/s (anyone else here identify with this?) :biggrin:

    Make sure to purchase the newer-style UD e/s for this palette. The original ones that look like subway tokens won't pop out like these.

  13. Thanks!!!
    Glad the palette is love-worthy!! :biggrin:

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  14. Just ordered mine. I got only 1 shadow and it's the Midnight Cowgirl Rides Again, fell in love with it!!