Urban Decay 30% off/$1 Priority Mail Shipping

  1. Urban Decay (www.urbandecay.com) is 30 percent off with $1 priority shipping with the code HOLI. I bought the 24/7 travel set of five eye pencils and the Eyeshadow Ammo Box with 10 shades of shadow.
  2. THanks!, just wanted to say I love your cat! i miss my orange kitty.
  3. Yei thanks!
  4. Thanks, I just finished my christmas shopping with this code.
  5. thank you very much... i ordered myself a heavy metal eyeliner... never used their product before... ^^
  6. Can anyone tell me if their "Ultraglide" lipglosses taste like anything? The Urban Decay website claims they're "laced with a unique flavor," but Sephora just says they're scented.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Too bad Eyeshadow Primer Potion's sold out :sad:
  8. Thanks! Just picked up a few things
  9. Thanks so much! Just picked up the 10 "Ammo" eyeshadows.
  10. Thank you so much.. just picked up few things... I can not stop.. I don't even use makeup that much... I just like having them and look at all the beautiful colors.. =)
  11. If you ever get tired of looking at them, sell them to me LOL
  12. argg for the eyeshadow primer potion :sad:.
  13. Thanks! I got the Poison Ring for a gal who has everything.
  14. They're supposed to be restocked by Wednesday!
  15. The $1 shipping has expired but the code is still good for 30% off