Urban Chic-25% OFF!

  1. I just bought a Loeffler Randall hand bag on sale-plus they let me use the code "grechen2007" for and additional 25% off. Happy shopping ladies!:yahoo:
  2. This is the handbag that got original price $875 for 197.50.:happydance:

    The same model in other colors are at NM for $855!
  3. thank you so much!!!! this bag looks amazing, and this price is INSANE. :smile:
  4. Thanks-I'll post photos when I receive it!:yes:
  5. i just got an email saying that they can't fill my order, because they're out of stock. *oh well*
  6. I am ticked off. I ordered my bag at 7:26 this morning and received my confirmation email with the number etc. About 5:00 I got an email saying that my order was not able to be filled...how does this happen when I had a printed "your order is confirmed" delivery as soon as I ordered it?:rant:
  7. what is their website?:confused1:
  8. that's terrible! i just got an email saying that someone had ordered the exact same bag minutes before i did. maybe the site just doesn't want to apply the discount..or maybe they made a mistake?? either way, it's WACK!!
  9. Ali told me the exact same thing when she emailed me! :yucky: Something is fishy here!
  10. that is fishy, b/c she told me that someone had ordered the bag literally 2 minutes before i did. has anyone else had problems with this site? this experience seriously has me thinking twice about ever going on their site.
  11. I ordered a pair of jeans from them once and it was a similar situation. I got an order confirmation and later found out that they were out of stock. When I called to try to get a different pair, they said they would have to call me back once they could ascertain what was in stock in their stores... and then when they did call me back, they said there was a pair, but someone had them on hold until closing. (Guess the other person changed their mind because I did eventually get the jeans.)

    Anyway... I suspect they frequently fulfill their online orders with stock from their brick & mortar storefront in the D.C. area. I'm not totally sure that's the case, but it sure would explain why their website doesn't accurately reflect what's really in-stock.

    Really sorry to hear that purse ran out of stock... It sure is gorgeous.